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We are located on the edge of the forest of Retz, thus offering riders the possibility of immediately accessing the forest paths and joining the route of the European road of d'Artagnan, linking Loupiac to Maastrich!

With 4,000 kilometers of marked trails in Europe, the European Route d'Artagnan offers a different way of discovering France, Belgium and the Netherlands but also Spain, Italy and Germany, in the footsteps of Artagnan ( More info ).

Book your boxes 

About ten boxes are available on the property, as well as a paddock area.

The rental of boxes is only possible if accommodation is booked for a minimum of 2 nights.

For health reasons, we ask that the vaccinations of your horses are up to date.



  • Automatic drinker; 

  • Manger;

  • Shower (cold and hot water).



  • Straw litter (We do not provide woodchip litter.);

  • Hay (added every day);

  • Pellets on request.

If necessary, we will be happy to give you the contact details of a farrier or a veterinarian. 


€ 20 per day and per box.

Minimum stay of 2 nights.

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